Ready-to-use Agar Media and Broth – Introduction

M&S sterile ready-to-use media are filled in autoclavable and break-proof polycarbonate bottles (50 ml and 250 ml) or glass tubes (20 ml). The composition of the various types of media, comply, like the NPS with the formulations specified in the pertinent standards and regulations.

Whereas the liquid media can be used immediately, the agar media first have to be remelted in a water bath at 95 - 100 °C. Once they have cooled down to around 50 °C you can pour agar plates in different sizes and thicknesses to meet your individual demands.

The shelf life of the ready-to-use media in unopened containers is 3-9 months – depending on the types. The exact shelf life is indicated in the respective technical data sheets.

Generally the M&S ready-to-use media are offered in three different pack sizes. However, not all types of nutrient medium are available in all sizes in the standard range. Please refer to the Product Range.

Other pack sizes are possible on request or for larger order quantities. Please feel free to contact us.