One very useful accessory are M&S special tweezers. These can be used after filtration to roll up membrane filters
and place them into liquid media in narrow-neck bottles easily.

An ideal complement to the nutrient pads are the ampoules with 3.5ml of sterile water. They contain exactly the right
amount of water for an optimum moistening of the nutrient pads. The excess fluid is necessary to replace the water
that evaporates during incubation and keep the nutrient pads wet. This ensures that the dissolved nutrients are provided
for the growth of the cells on the surface of the membranes.

A further way of moistening the NPS with sterile water is the use of our self-filling syringe. Its volume can be infinitely
varied up to a maximum of 5 ml and it has a Luer-Lock connector onto which a sterile syringe filter unit can be fitted.
This means that the preset volume of sterile water is dosed onto the nutrient pad with every stroke and the syringe
is simultaneously refilled with water from a reservoir via a hose. This is ideal for large number of samples.

Petri dishes with a diameter of 60 mm into which the agar can be poured, autoclavable bottles and tubes as well as
a handy UV lamp for the fluorescent test, e.g. with the ECD-MUG NPS or Cetrimide agar round off the M&S
range of accessories.