Filtration Devices and Accessories – Ordering Information

Devices / AccessoriesDescriptionArticle number
Vacuum filtration devicemade of stainless steel, 100 ml attachment, for 50 mm membrane filter, self-sealing6010
Microbiological workplacecomplete with M&S vacuum filtration device 6010, suction flask, Woulff’s bottle, vacuum pump and hose set6040
M&S vacuum filtration manifold3-place, made of stainless steel, with 100 ml attachments, for 50 mm membrane filter, self-sealing6090
M&S Petri dishessterile, lid OD: 60 mm, base ID: 55 mm, H: 14 mm, 10 x 20 units6060
Glass tubesvolume: 28 ml, with screw cap and seal, autoclavable, 50 units6070
Polycarbonate bottlesvolume 250 ml, with screw cap and seal, autoclavable, 24 units6080
Sterile waterampoules, each with 3.5 ml of sterile, demineralised water, 5 x 10 units6105
Self-filling Syringeinfinitely adjustable up to 5 ml, Luer-Lock connector, autoclavable6100
UV lamp366 nm for the ECD method, complete with battery6110
Special tweezersto easily roll up membrane filters and transfer these to tubes and bottles6120